About myself

My name is Tom Vergult and my alias online is FVANtom. I live in Belgium, near Brussels. 

FVANtom with staffDue to my passion for software I started programming at a very early age. Aside from my main activity, building high performance websites as a senior consultant, my other ambition is to be a gaming consultant who is able to bring a more meaningful experience to gaming in general.




Our mission is to use our expertise in the online gaming market to help bring moral values and a positive influence to the next generation via gaming

Even today, games have a very bad name in the public opinion. Games are violent, games make people lazy/crazy. The truth is however that there are many different kinds of games, some are violent, some are meant to teach people about certain topics. But ALL have a certain value. Some games teach the players agility and reaction speed, some teach them math, strategy, problem solving, team management and yes, even social skills.


A good example of such a game has been created by the company HopeLab.

Re-missionRe-mission is a game that helps people with cancer to learn and understand more about their illness and treatments. Research with the game has shown that this has very positive effects, resulting in better treatments.

Monkey labs

This game has been create by Larian studio's

Monkey labsMonkey Labs is the first in a series of new educational video games that combine a motivating, intriguing story with popular 3D gameplay and educational games in which the player competes with in-game characters to solve various challenges.

Our core business

Over the past 7 years we have built up a lot of experience in the online gaming market by creating and managing our game TerraWorld Online. Today we use this experience to build custom online gaming solutions for our customers.

We specialize in MMOG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) because we are simply in love with the concept. Some of the advantages over classic offline or limited multiplayer game titles are:

  • Game constantly evolves.
  • Very big virtual world.
  • Very large number of players.
  • Players can interact, huge communities emerge.
  • Many things to do (quests, mini-games, ...).
  • Publishers sell a 24/7 service and not the game itself, this results in less piracy of the software.