About myself

My name is Tom Vergult and my alias online is FVANtom. I live in Belgium, near Brussels. 

FVANtom with staffDue to my passion for software I started programming at a very early age. Aside from my main activity, building high performance websites as a senior consultant, my other ambition is to be a gaming consultant who is able to bring a more meaningful experience to gaming in general.




Virtual Reality

We are working on a virtual reality game called BouncerVR. In the game, you control a shield with your vision. Collect colored resources to charge your abilities and to attack, but beware the enemy can bounce your attacks back at you. You win when the enemy has no more health.

You can collect various abilities by defeating enemies. Some abilities shoot special balls, speed up or split the balls, while others change the gameplay dramatically.

BouncerVR is a tribute to the arcade games of the past and present. Simple to play, yet engaging and challenging.


We build and maintain multiplayer online games together with our customers. We currently have an online multiplayer game called TerraWorld Online. This game is free to play, so don't hesitate to take a look.

Aside from TerraWorld we are regularly working on new gaming project. Both as indie projects and for clients.


We can also offer consultancy services to share our knowledge with other companies. To get an overview in which technologies we specialize, you can visit the consultancy section of this website.